What We Don’t Know

Mysticism quite often reinforces itself by delimiting the bounds of reason. It thrives on absolving itself of rational justification. This complacent evasion of intellectual responsibility, which the mystical realm so often enjoys, allows it to suspend the very thing that holds it into account. The scientific process is accused of being dogmatically reductionist and biasedly […]


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Newton’s “Four Rules of Reasoning” in Philosophy

One of the crowning achievements of the methods and tools of science is their self-correcting systematic approach of interrogating nature and therefore of perpetually morphing one’s knowledge of the natural world in accordance with the ensuing evidence of reality. In this manner, the experimenter suspends and subverts any preconceived notions, personal prejudices, or certain interests, […]

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The Sanctity of Reason

This is a painting by Joseph Wright of Derby — A natural philosopher (scientist) demonstrates a vacuum pump, from which all the air has been removed. The bird is struggling to stay alive and flutters breathlessly. The scientist with his hand over the stop-cock on the glass bowl seems about to choose whether the bird […]

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