Les trous noirs: quand la réalité dépasse la fiction

Les trous noirs sont sans doute les objets les plus mystérieux de tout l’Univers. Ces objets célestes très intéressants ont motivé les grandes lignes de la pensée scientifique. En plus, ils ont confondu notre intuition de manière inimaginable. Les trous noirs doivent leur existence à une histoire très riche en activité intellectuelle. Ils représentent, peut-être, […]

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Quelle est la taille de l’univers?

En tant que formes de vie transitoires, nous ne sommes simplement pas équipés pour appréhender les étendues inimaginables de l’espace qui nous entourent. C’est en grande partie à cause des limites de perception qui sont inhérentes à nos systèmes biologiques. Ce que nos sens perçoivent et enregistrent n’est rien d’autre qu’un simple fragment de toutes […]

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It is December 31st, 2018. The world eagerly awaits 2019, with lots of celebratory events planned. For many people, “New Years” herald a new beginning. They signal the start of a new cycle where things can recommence anew. But, indeed, the notion is a very subjective one. A “New Year” is a chronological marker by […]

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An Ornament of the Human Race

In the midst of all the celebratory merriment centred around Christmas, it is all too common for people, in their revelry, to forget about the birthdays of remarkable individuals. One such revolutionary figure who, all too often, gets overshadowed on this festive day is the great scholar of physics Sir Isaac Newton, a super character […]

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The Wonder Drug

Today would have marked the 137th the birthday of influential biologist Sir Alexander Fleming, most notably known for his work with penicillin for which he won the 1945 Nobel prize in Medicine along with colleagues Howard Florey and Ernst Chain. Fleming’s story highlights the underlying serendipity behind many of the greatest discoveries in science, particularly […]

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From Singularities to Black Hole Mechanics: Hawking’s Scientific Endeavour

The most recognizable scientist of our times has, sadly, left us this week. Stephen Hawking ushered in fundamental contributions in physics and cosmology and greatly revolutionized our understanding of black holes. It is no doubt that he left a remarkable legacy of scientific inquiry and his passing is a huge loss to the scientific community […]

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