LightSail: A Revolutionary Solar Sailing Spacecraft by Bill Nye, CEO, The Planetary Society — Kickstarter

Dear reader I am sharing this with you because I truly do think it’s a really cool thing and you might want to be a part of it as well:

I have been a fan of Bill Nye every since I was a kid with his “Bill Nye: The science guy” show. I gave at the $15 level(plus $5 for shipping costs so it’s $20 total) because of a few different reasons:

1. I love the idea that even though I can’t walk and go a lot of different places at least my name will be in space.

2. I know that some people in the USA are being very hard on science(not really believing it) and I want to do my own small part to help counteract that.

3. I collect pins from Disney and stuff like that so having a special space pin will be really cool.

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