My Issue with Scientism

I dislike the term “scientism”. I think it should never be used. Science or the scientific method is not something which constitutes a worldview or which attempts to promote a dogmatic ideology or a philosophical idea. Scientists don’t believe anything. They do not have any sort of predisposition to prove anything right. In fact, a proper scientist is one who maintains impartiality with respect to truth or falsity. What scientists do is test predictions with reality and if the predictions conform to nature, they are temporarily not wrong. They then check for internal inconsistencies and refine them. Thus, in science, there are no belief systems and there is no initial predisposition to sweep away any ideas or impose authoritative claims about the world. There is no dogmatic faith in some monopolizing philosophical doctrine. So, the fact that scientism is a belief and imposed dogma goes against what the scientific method is all about and the fact that this term attempts to usurp the meaning of science is a problem, because that is not what science actually means. I do agree that truths about the natural world can only be generated from empirical knowledge but my issue is with the term itself. It is self-refuting. Science believing in science?

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “My Issue with Scientism

  1. The paragraph above offers a nice summation of what scientism is: the notion that science is somehow able to do away with worldview is itself a worldview. There are many important critics of scientism who are not religious people–Eric Vogelin and Wayne Booth for instance.


  2. Most scientists don’t like scientism, science consists of science papers not books by Dawkins or Pinker. Science does not make leaps of faith and it has enough on its hands with ensuring science papers are peer reviewed properly without indulging in this nonsense.


  3. SCIENTISM is the Religion Called Modern Science

    Contrary to popular belief, modern Quantum Physics, an even Classical Newtonian Physics, is essentially built upon philosophic conjecture and ancient Kabbalistic Luciferian Occult assumptions that are entirely unproven. Basically, Modern Quantum Physics, in particular, is a set of philosophic assumptions which are then injected by endless circular and unprovable mathematical equations, leading to endless circularities of labyrinthine and intentionally convoluted mazes of unfounded hypotheses, assertions, and postulates. This leads to a modern religion masquerading as science called, SCIENTISM.

    What is SCIENTISM?
    SCIENTISM is the effort to make a religion of science, as I said essentially built upon philosophic conjecture and ancient Kabbalistic Luciferian Occult assumptions that are entirely unproven. On the other hand, Science, the tool of inquiry based on the scientific method, must be distinguished from those fanatical adherents, worshipping philosophic conjecture and ancient Kabbalistic Luciferian Occult assumptions. Similarly, Islam, the religion, is not necessarily most accurately represented by its most fanatical adherents, regardless of how much noise said adherents may make or how much attention they may receive.
    As pioneering physicist Tom Campbell puts it, science has become the “fundamental religion, if you will, of Western culture”, in the sense that “the priests of old used to tell the people what to believe, what was right, how did it work…”, just as now the “high priests of science” have reached the holy position of having the ability to “tell us in Western culture what to believe”, which “most of the people won’t think about” anymore, because “they’ve gotten the word from the people who know”.
    The belief that science holds all the answers is no different from the belief that any other particular religion holds all the answers. Like any religion, Scientism holds a number of fundamental dogmas — i.e. beliefs its adherents take on faith, rather than logic and reason.
    An example of some of the presuppositions and dogmas of this religion called SCIENTISM are:

    1. The assumption that Gravity actually exists when it is merely a theory, not believed by Einstein or any top modern physicist.
    2. The assumption that Dark Matter and Dark Energy are real, when they are only science fiction reactions to science fiction Gravity.
    3. The assumption that science already understands the nature of reality, leaving only the details to be filled in
    4. The assumption that matter is unconscious, insentient, dead
    5. The assumption that the laws of nature are fixed (physical constants like the speed of light)
    6. The assumption that nature (and evolution) is purposeless, blind, random
    7. The assumption that memory must be stored somewhere, somehow, materially, in the brain
    8. The assumption that the mind exists only inside the head
    9. The assumption that anything outside the paradigm (“paranormal” phenomena) must be illusory
    10. The assumption that mechanistic (materialist) medicine is the only healing paradigm that works
    11. The assumption that time is linear and not (significantly) influenced by higher dimensions
    12. The assumption that any current scientific models of the universe are even remotely accurate (i.e. Big Bang, Big Bounce, Multiverse, etc…)
    13. The assumption that The Copernican, Helio-Centric Theory of The Universe is true and beyond questioning.

    It must be noted SCIENTISM is the most pernicious and most occult (Hidden) religion of all, in that it does not recognize itself as a religion, thereby making it the most deceptive and dangerous of any religion in the world.
    Its adherents, including most of the known world at this point, are completely oblivious to it’s even being a Faith-based dogmatic religion. The more accurate description of their fundamental (unconscious) beliefs have been given shape and form by adherents to SCIENTISM, and the ruthless dogmatic nature of these beliefs goes deftly under the radar, even though these beliefs are neither rational, provable, nor even plausible given the body of evidence from actual real experimental science (As Nicolai Tesla repeatedly pointed out).
    The variations of organizations complicit in this hundred of year old scientific fraud range from, but are not limited to, everywhere from NASA to CERN’s Linear Accelerator Research Institutes, University of California Berkeley, Princeton University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, California Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of Tokyo, University of Chicago, Cambridge University, Yale University, Harvard University, Cornell University, University of California at Santa Barbara, University of Colorado Boulder, and the list goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on…all complicit in physics fraud and the propagation of lies and deceptions called, SCIENTISM, the religion of the Luciferian Hermetic Occult.
    In a nutshell, modern physics can be construed to be an amalgamation of the Luciferian New Age religion called, Theosophy, as well, but that’s another essay…
    Some of them know it, some of them don’t, and some of them don’t care, either way. They just do what they are told by other scientist or lose their tenure or job. It’s that cut and dried…much like any fundamentalist religion. If you question the dogmatic consensus of the scientific priesthood around you, you will be excommunicated from the religious order…or even murdered, as Nicolai Tesla was.
    Additionally, virtually everything that came out of the mouths of Carl Sagan, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Neil de Grasse, Morgan Freeman, and counting, are nothing more than dog and pony show ramblings, architected to razzle-dazzle the unknowing masses and lull them into a gradual submission of this ancient Hermetic Occult SCIENTISM religion.
    Also, Scientism was instrumental in spawning a veritable cornucopia of daft and trite Antitheist pundits such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, both excellent examples of lost, uninformed, deluded reactionary thinkers, reacting to religions far less dogmatic to their own SCIENTISM. This alone illustrates the lethal power of SCIENTISM. It was the chosen religion of Adolph Hitler, Charles Darwin, and Mao Se Tung, as well as Dawkins and Hitchens, all leading to a brand of Nihilistic Atheism that claimed the lives of over 100 million in just the last century.
    Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory was a direct offshoot of SCIENTISM, and Evolutionary Theory quickly and swiftly translates to SOCIAL DARWINISM where all the great mass murderer leaders conduct bloodbaths in the name of SCIENTISM.
    Adherents to SOCIAL DARWINISM and SCIENTISM include Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Se Tung, Lenin and currently the NEOCON Generals and Politicians and their genocide of The Middle East, The Israeli genocide of The Palestinians, and the United Nations with their Global Warming based Depopulation Campaign.
    Notice that all these people and organizations are strictly NON-Christian. Mercy, Love, and Forgiveness absolutely do not fit into the SCIENTISM Dogma of a cold, Godless, random, chaotic, and meaningless universe.
    Further, for over 50 years, the masses have been fully indoctrinated into pseudo-science SCIENTISM through Hollywood’s science fiction film onslaughts, not to mention NASA’s science fiction film onslaughts.
    The idea was and still is that if you baffle the audience with as many huge numbers, with trillions and trillions of miles, trillions and trillions of particles, and trillions and trillions of dollars of tax payer’s money, nobody will really question what you are saying, doing, or spending.
    It worked.
    Question the White Lab Coat Priests of Scientism and see how far you get. You will get ridicule, the threat to ostracize you, and condemnation only, and yet they called themselves free-thinking scientists? They are not. They are devotees of an ancient Kabbalistic Luciferian religion called, SCIENTISM, with all the rigid dogmas, unprovable beliefs, and punishments that any fundamentalist religion possesses.
    Many great physicists have pointed this out, including Richard Feynman and Nicolai Tesla, but the delusion goes on, and the layman masses believe all the fairytale-based math from these physicists because they condemn and mock any who disagree with their religion called SCIENTISM.
    Nicolai Tesla, the greatest scientists and inventor of the 20th century put forth particular opposition to this SCIENTISM CULT of Modern Quantum Physics, and he ended up dead for it, and all his patents stolen, and his contributions virtually erased from the history books. They require you march in lock boot step with their dogmatic religion, or it will not go well for you if you are playing at the Tesla level of genius.

    Now you know the real story of modern “science”….


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