Track Santa’s Sleigh on Christmas Eve

It seems to me that Facebook has become a breeding ground for factually inaccurate information on almost anything. I have come to learn that with most of these pervasive viral posts, chances are there is probably going to be something which is not quite accurate.  That’s why when I came across this photo today about the International Space Station passing over the UK on Christmas Eve’s, my suspicions were immediately excited. And, after doing a little search on the ISS pass times over the UK, my doubts were confirmed.

What a better way to plan a trick and then watch it backfire as nothing happens.

While it is true that the the International Space Station will pass over the UK on Christmas Eve (weather permitting), the timing is inaccurate. As per schedules online, the ISS will rise West to Southeast at 5:19 — 5: 21 pm. It will be a bright low light in the sky.

The ISS is usually seen as a steady, non-blinking point of light streaking across the sky. I think NASA’s SpotTheStation would be the best way to track it. You can even sign up for alerts as to when it passes overhead. Virtual Astronomer’s website is also helpful:

When it might be true that many people are probably aware of the accurate timing of the ISS passes, I’d thought I’d write this blog post as a reminder to always employ one’s fact-checking faculties when reading any info on Facebook so as to ward off any potential disappointment that might ensue 🙂



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